Mifco Green Kranti

Mifco Green Kranti builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration, root formation and increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil while facilitating nutrient absorption. It is a great source of energy for beneficial soil organisms, which improves both soil fertility and plant health. It is the finest product and simply the purest, most potent and premium liquid humate product available.

Features & Benefits 

  • Mifco Green Kranti is the best ever composition of humic, fulvic, nitrogen and carbon nutrients.
  • It is Pasteurized for purity and to keep it pathogen-free.
  • Its fine colloidal suspension, don’t clog the spray nozzles.
  • It improves the soil’s ability to retain oxygen, water, and nutrients.
  • Mifco green Kranti is more effective, better for the environment and provides yields, healthier produce and keeps soil healthier.
  • Use Nitrogenous Fertilizers if needed.
  • It Balances soil pH.
  • It is completely organic.
  • It saves up to 15% of water.
  • It promotes nutrient uptake of plants.
  • It also acts as a highly effective bacteriacide & bacteriostat.


    80-100 ml/ per acre only. Use 120 Litre of Water Per Spray.


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